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The Quelling Trilogy

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Book 1: The Quelling

When you’re Stained, patches of skin glisten like liquid starlight, and sooner or later, his creatures find you.   


In a world of curfews and body raiders, where people huddle in bunkers to avoid being taken by the invading Rhemans, nineteen-year-old Kyjta has one objective: to rescue her young charge, Calipsie. Forming an improbable alliance with the enemy, a Rheman named Kranik, Kyjta must not only save Calipsie, but also face down the Rheman overlord who’s taken a disturbing interest in her.  

Release Date: January 16, 2024  

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Book 2: Transference Day

Life is complicated when the aliens who raised you also need to borrow your body in their quest to save the world. 


Harlyn is being manipulated. She should have expected it. Sebastien was trained from a young age, just as she was. She shouldn't blame him- at least his motives were honourable. Could she say the same for the alien race who'd reared them?

Release Date: October, 2024

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Book 3: Earth Point Blank 

They thought it was the aftermath, but it was just the beginning.



Release Date: 2025

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